Myanmar Travel Tips

Do we need visa to visit Myanmar ( Burma )?

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Every nationality (exceptional 13 countries) need visa to visit Myanmar. Visa can be obtained at any Myanmar Embassy or Consulate abroad. Visa fee is about US$ 30 in local currency.

Can I get visa online?

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Yes, you can visit more E-Visa info.

Let me know Myanmar currency?

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The currency in Myanmar is Kyat. Present denominations are in notes: Kyat: 10000, 5000, 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50. Foreign currency such as US Dollar, British Pound, Euro and Singapore Dollar are available to exchange at exchange counters by various private banks throughout the country.

Can I pay with credit card?

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Use of VISA card and Master Card ( Amex Card are not available yet ) are now accepted in major airports, hotels,restaurants and some retails outlets.ATM cash withdrawal is only in Myanmar Kyat.*For a full list of ATMs in Myanmar which accept MasterCard and Maestro/Cirrus-branded cards, please use the ATM Locator tool available on However, many of the shops and hotels in small towns do not accept credit card yet so it's advisable that the clients should bring enough money in US Dollar cash. Kindly bring new US Dollar notes because old / ink stain / damage USD notes are very difficult to use in the market. Euro is not as welcome as US dollar.

How do you charge the cancellation fees?

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We, Unique Paragon Int’l Travel,are very flexible with booking cancellation. But in Myanmar, most hotels apply cancellation charges range from twenty-one ( 21 ) days notice for group travels to seven ( 7 ) days notice for individual travels. Stricter cancellation and deposit policies apply for bookings with river cruises, beach hotels and some small and beautiful boutique hotels.

What is the quality of food and restaurants in Myanmar?

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Myanmar cuisine is established around rice usually served with a variety of curries between meat and fish, along with a dish of vegetables, salads, soup, and condiments. Myanmar curries tend to be less spicy than those served in Thailand. Meals & drinks at International Hotels are considerably expensive. There are many good local restaurants with almost the same quality of food and hygiene as hotels but at more reasonable prices. They serve various dishes of Myanmar, Chinese, European (French and Italian), Thai and Indian cuisine. But roadside small restaurants are not recommended, as it can be risky for health.

What is the quality of Hotels in Myanmar?

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The hotels’ accommodations standards in Burma are now vary widely especially in quality and availability. New and refurbished hotels meeting international standards are available in most destinations like Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake area, Kyaing Tong, Loi Kaw, Ngapali Beach, Ngwe Saung Beach, and Chaung Thar Beach. But only very basic and simple hotels are available in the remote areas.

Is Myanmar a good shopping place? What are the best buys?

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Myanmar arts and crafts, mostly hand-made, are lovely souvenirs. Lacquer ware, woodcarvings, tapestries, silverware, brassware, silk and cotton fabrics, and shoulder bags are some of the popular items. For jewellery, there are Burmese rubies, sapphires, jade and pearls available at Myanmar gems shops around Bogyoke Market area. All the purchased gems and jewellery should be made through the government licensed dealers, who can give a voucher for export.

Is there any compulsory vaccinations for travel to Myanmar?

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There are no compulsory vaccinations for travel to Myanmar (Burma) but it is advisable to take precautions against malaria. Prescription drugs are not widely available in the remote areas of Myanmar so travellers should bring any required medication with them. Insect repellents are highly recommended, especially when travelling to remote areas in conjunction with other measures to prevent mosquito bites. The sun can be remarkably hot so a hat and sunscreen is advisable.

Can I use my hand phone in Myanmar (Burma)?

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Our GSM system does allow “international Roaming” but not for all phones so your phone may or may not work in our country. But local SIM cards are very common and you can easily buy one at air port or many road side shops. Their internet speed is also quite good.Most important thing is remembering not to use Hotel phone. They all charge very high rate.

Can I buy travel insurance in Myanmar?

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It is advisable to purchase travel insurance in your own country. Please choose a reputable insurance company who has agent in Myanmar. This is very important.

Do we have to declare everything at the airport custom?

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All foreign currencies above US $ 2000 in equivalent and jewelleries must be declared to the Burmese Customs at the Airport. Travellers may bring in duty free 200 cigarettes, one quart of wine, and one pint of perfume. Export of Myanmar (Burma) antiques is prohibited. For gems and jewelleries should be purchased at the licensed dealers or who can issue an export permit that allowed to be taken out of Myanmar.

Do you have reliable postal services?

Postal service in Myanmar is unreliable. Letters and postcards sent to overseas sometimes do not reach their destinations.

Useful facts for the first time travellers to Myanmar.

a). Burma Standard Time
GMT + 6 1/2 hours

b). Electricity in Myanmar
220VOLT 50HZ (A flashlight is helpful when travelling up country where electricity is poor.)

c). Business hour.
Government offices open from 09:30 to 16:30 on weekdays. Banking hours are from 10:00 to 14:00. Private companies work daily from 09:00 to 17:00 except Sunday and gazette holidays. Shopping centres and super markets open daily. But the most famous Bogyoke (Scott) market closes on Monday and gazette holidays. Busy hours at this place are from 11:00 am to 17:00 pm.

d). Tipping in Myanmar
Tipping in Myanmar is depending on how well you think they have been at your service.
Some examples are
1.Porter at Air port - 500ks (local currency)
2.Porter at Hotels - 500ks (local currency)
3.Car Drivers - TBA
4.Your tour guide - TBA

e). What to wear?
Light clothing is required all year-round, but a sweater or jacket may be needed when travelling in hilly areas, especially during winter months. If visiting during the rainy season (May - September), an umbrella or raincoat will be required for the days in Inle lake and Yangon. It is required to dress decently within the precincts of religious buildings. Shoes and socks must be removed at pagodas and monasteries so it is advisable to bring a pair of slippers.

f). What to avoid?
Travelers are advised to keep away from touts who may approach them to exchange foreign currency or to sell gems of dubious quality. Travellers are also advised not to drink tap water. Purified bottled water is available everywhere in Myanmar. Taking photograph of military camps and soldiers are to be avoided.