Western Part of Myanmar


An airport town which serves as entry to Mrauk U. Sittwe itself has no interesting sites. There are daily flights from Yangon.

Mrauk U

Mrauk U is a second most famous archaeological site in RakhineState, the old capital of Rakhine Kingdom founded in 15th Century, remained its capital for 355 years. The golden city of Mrauk U became known in Europe as a city of oriental splendor after Friar Sebastian Manrique visited the area. Father Manrique’s vivid account of the coronation of King “ThiriThudhamma” in 1635 and about the Rakhine Court and intrigues of the Portuguese adventurers fire the imagination of later authors. The town is located on a small outcrop of the RakhineYoma on the eastern side of the Kaladan's alluvial plain. Thus, the surrounding countryside is hilly yet also contains a great deal of marshes, mangroves and lakes. Mruak U can be reached from Sittwe with a very pleasant river journey about 5hrs. The main attractions are Shittaung Pagoda, which was built by King Minbin in 1535 and remains the main attraction for visitors. As well as a host of other pagodas, the ruins of the royal palace and the remains of the city walls are worthwhile sightseeing points.

Chill Hill

Mt.Victoria also known as NatmaTaung is the highest mountain in Chin State of western Myanmar.It locates in Kanpetlet Township, Mindat district and part of the Chin Hills range. Mt. Victoria of 3400mhigh is the perfect place for nature lovers. The main tribes that living in Chin State are Chin tribes and most of are Christians. They speak their native language Chin. They famous for their women tattooed face, completely in tasteful designs, the old traditional of this tattooing face still can be seen in some villages, their hand woven cotton and silk in traditional designs and colors are collector’s item.This area alsofamous for trekking, hiking and bird watching.174km from Bagan by jeep and roads are still very bad so this excursionis not recommended for rainy season. As for accommodations only very simple guesthouses are available so this excursion is suitable only for the adventurous clients.